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Sims 4 Mod: Invisible Default Onesies

November 3, 2020

UTD with Sims 4 version PC: / Mac: (6/29/2021)

The Nifty Knitting patch separated the texture of default onesies from that of the baby itself. While it’s awesome that we can (for the first time in Sims history!) have a say in how our babies are clothed, that also means that even baby overrides that have been fixed to work again still won’t look like they used to, because EA’s default onesie is now plastered over it.

This mod renders the default onesies (male, female and the ugly as sin alien one) invisible, while leaving the new Nifty Knitting ones intact.

If you don’t use a baby override, EA’s new baby texture includes a built-in diaper that is never seen in normal gameplay and that’s what you’ll see instead of the onesie (see: the images in this post). Perfect for those of us who like to pretend we’re still playing The Sims 2.

This mod will conflict with any other mods that override the default onesies.

Download (SFS)

Terms of Use:

  • Don’t use this to be a weirdo.
  • I mean it.


  • 11/3/2020 – Initial release.