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Sims 4 DR: Chisami’s Moe Thing Baby Mod w/ Alien Textures (Fixed!)

November 1, 2020

UTD with Sims 4 version PC: / Mac: (6/29/2021)

The Nifty Knitting patch slightly reworked how babies worked, and thus broke all existing baby retextures, including both Chisami’s original Moe Thing override, and my alien-spawn addon. So I’ve updated both sets of textures to work again, and have packaged them together into a single file this time. Partly for convenience, mainly bc Chisami seems to have retired from CC creation and the original, broken files are hard to find these days anyway.

There are four versions of this file, depending on whether you want hair, and whether or not you want all alien babies to be a TS2-like pale green (created to match Qahne’s alien skin replacement). You should only install one of these files at a time.

It’s also worth noting that, with the update, EA separated the onesie texture from the the baby texture. So while these babies are all compatible with the new, crafted onesies, it also means that you now have to clothe your baby whether you want to or not, as the default onesie doesn’t seem removable. I can’t really do anything about that within the scope of this mod.

Download (SFS)

Note: If you have an old version of Qahne’s alien replacement skin (from before 2017), be sure to redownload the version that separates the adult and baby skins, and to only use the adult version. Otherwise my file and theirs will conflict.


Terms of Use:

  • Who cares? It’s not even my texture.
  • Just don’t sell it, ok?
  • Chisami’s original TOU is located here.


  • 7/15/2020 – Initial release.
  • 11/1/2020 – Recreated .package file to work after the Nifty Knitting patch. Human and alien skins are now bundled together.

Known Issues/ToDo:

  • Chisami’s original textures skew quite a bit paler across the board than their EA counterparts. I’m considering creating a new version of this mod that brings them more in line with the complexion of vanilla babies.
  • For my own purposes, I would eventually like to update the irises on the human set to match the eye replacement I use.