Maxis is Asking Sims Players to Design a Stuff Pack for Them

April 5, 2017

Update: It seems like Eco Living has won the poll. #TeamDangerousStuff will have its revenge!

EAxis is currently hosting a small survey that lets people vote on the theme of a future Sims 4 Stuff Pack (the $10-tier of DLC for the unfamiliar).¬†According to the blog post, they’re apparently planning several more surveys in the next few weeks to narrow down the content of the pack.

The stated purpose of the project is to give players some insight into the studio’s development process (as well as create something that a lot of people would be willing to spend $10 on, no doubt). Not sure if it’ll teach anyone anything useful about the development process, but hey.

It’s still a neat idea and you should go vote on a thing.