EA Are Jerks (Who Are Giving Away Free Shit)

May 21, 2019
An early Sims 4 render showing 8 sims making exaggerated facial expressions.

About a week ago I made this joke on my FFXIV twitter account.

Well, today I hit 100 followers on that account, and what do I find? Just EA stealing my thunder and giving away The Sims 4’s base game for free on Origin themselves.

Wow it’s almost like there’s an expansion coming out next month…

Anyway, if you like free stuff, head over and pick up a copy before the the promotion ends on the 28th. Unlike one of those free weekends, it’ll stay in your Origin library forever. Well, as forever as any of these digital distribution platforms can be, that is.

And now I have to go find some other completely unrelated thing to give away…