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  • A sim doing a keg stand, held aloft by a man in a lobster suit.
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    Discover University: ZAP!

    I’m not going to look up when Discover University actually came out, because I’m not going to acknowledge how late this review is. But it sure did come out at some point, yessir. I…

    July 19, 2020
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    My Sims 4 Must-Have Mods/CC List

    (Last updated 7/19/2020, for Sims 4 patch Here’s the few mods I really would really rather not play The Sims 4 without. These are mostly default replacement textures, small fixes and mods that…

    March 19, 2020
  • An EA render of a sim waving to a mermaid speaking to each other, with a scuba diver beneath them and on either side of them is a woman on a jet ski and a lifeguard falling asleep on an inflatable raft.

    Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids!

    Gonna pump this out before the actual announcement in order to get those sweet, sweet early clicks. I don’t have ads or anything, but the hit counter on my WordPress dashboard is directly tied…

    June 8, 2019
  • A stock image of where the tide meets a sandy beach.

    Tropical Paradise and Also I Hate My Life

    So not one, but two key selling sites have new listings for “The Sims 4 Tropical Paradise“, and at least one of them prices it as an expansion pack. Lot’s of interesting things to…

    May 21, 2019