In real life I’m an expatriated software engineer and mule connoisseur. I also have video game opinions.

I have many favorite series and genres but I always end up coming back to The Sims, which gets reflected in the kind of content that I post on this site. To that end I aim to review every piece of Expansion and Game Pack content for The Sims 4 and plan on continuing until the game is EOL’d and I move on to The Sims 5, if such a thing exists. I also like to write reviews for other games, but financial and time constraints prevent me from doing so as much as I would like.

Unless otherwise stated, any copies of content that I review were paid for by myself. Information on the computer with which I play and review PC titles can be found here.

I can be found in several keyboard hobbyist communities (that’s a thing) and I build my own custom boards. It’s an expensive hobby but if you’re interested and would like assistance planning and putting together a build, feel free to hit me up via email (see bottom of page) or social media. I have even offered build services in exchange for cash in the past.

I have also played and raided in MMORPGs since 2006, consume more True Crime than is psycologically healthy and have an extremely spoiled tabby cat. My MMO of choice is currently Final Fantasy XIV.