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    Sims 4 DR: Moe Thing Alien Baby Overrides

    July 15, 2020
    A green alien baby, now reskinned.

    UTD with Sims 4 version PC: / Mac: (7/8/2020)

    I’ve been using Chisami’s “Moe Thing” baby retextures for years now and I couldn’t possibly imagine anything else for my sims’ spawn. Unfortunately, the creator never updated the skin for aliens and has since retired from CC-creation altogether, so I’ve finally taken it upon myself to do create matching alien overrides from Chisami’s PSD.

    There are four versions of this package and you should only install one of these at a time.

    The “Standard” Version contains overrides for all 5 colours that alien babies normally come in in The Sims 4, while the “TS2 Green” version is intended to match Qahne’s TS2 Alien Skin. And each version has a variant with (black) hair.

    Download (Standard)

    Download (TS2 Green)

    Note: Although the download post on Chisami’s tumblr has been deleted, the original skin set (the three human skin colours and the base game green and blue) can still be accessed from their Box account here.

    Note 2: If you have an old version of Qahne’s replacement (from before 2017), be sure to redownload the version that separates the adult and baby skins, and to only use the adult version. Otherwise my file and theirs will conflict.



    • 7/15/20 – Initial release.
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